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"Sound design is a way to elevate your ear fuzzies in any certain way to push and pull stories and emotions in all kinds of directions."

- Ben Fee


The Backward Clock represents an alternative way of thinking.


Backward Clock Sound is about collaborating with clients and partners; keeping them close to the creative process to achieve their vision under their direction.

Sound For Video

Sound For Video

unique, dynamic and engaging sound and music to bring moving pictures to life



bring music to the world stage with the confidence of an implicated creative expert, not to mention a killer mix



delivering world-class quality and competitive levels with stem mixing and analog mastering

Podcast Production

Podcast Production

Everything from voice and dialogue processing to original music, sound bites and branding.

"Sound design is creatively building sonic experiences to compliment and enhance various forms of media"

- Denique Leblanc


Backward Clock Sound is a music creation, sound design and audio production company piloted by award winning producer and multi-disciplinary artist, Jeremy Costa.

Jeremy's strongest asset is in his role as a collaborator in creative problem-solving. His talent truly shines when working with others as a member of a creative team.

BandofHorsesElenaKulikova (79 of 231) 2.


"I love the sound design process of film making because it's one of the few very final touches where you can complete your sensory world building. Sound mixing can completely change the viewing and storytelling experience. Working with Jeremy Costa is such an amazing experience. He brings curiosity, interest, passion, love, and an insane amount of ability to the table. He not only understands direction in a storytelling sense, but he brings ideas that make the story much stronger overall. Getting sound mixes back from Jeremy feels like a special holiday present extravaganza. Jeremy's sound design doesn't only feel like part of the entire process, but it feels like it adds so much more than a collaborator could dream of. His work isn't just great. It's become necessary."

Ben Fee

Denique with his ECMA Electronic Recording of the Year award


"I've been working with Jeremy for over four years and it's been an amazing adventure. His patience, determination and well-rounded knowledge allows him to create timeless audio masterpieces that go beyond the average mix. He takes feedback like a champ and puts a piece of his heart into every track he touches."

Denique Leblanc




"Jeremy is a musical magician. His energy and optimism make him a ton of fun to work with. In creating soundtracks for the Pinterest stories at Cannes Lions 2018, Jeremy delivered above expectations despite being on a tight timeline. Communication was exceptional throughout the project—working remotely and on a time-difference didn’t affect the day-to-day. He had the ability to handle more loose directions in combination with acting on very descriptive feedback. What I love the most was his enthusiasm to experiment with different genres in pursuit of finding the right vibe for the project."

Andreas Helin

Creative Lead, Pinterest


"Jeremy was very personal and professional, but most importantly he took alot of pride in his work when mastering our album, we are very happy with the result."

Arty Basinksy

Founding Member of Mineta

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Every project is unique; starting a dialogue is the first step to understanding what your needs are.

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