Your voice sounding big, bold and professional.

The world is changing. With many podcasts being recorded in less than ideal environments - be it via a Zoom call or in your parents kitchen, the need for consistency is more important than ever.

Podcasts are quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of media. Stand out from the masses with high quality vocal treatment and original branded music made for your show.

Services range from basic audio processing and quality control to a full-on Podcaster Toolkit.

My Podcaster Toolkit is a one-stop solution for everything you need to make your show great.

Why me? I'll work with you to help develop your brand, tone and mood for a consistent listening experience from episode to episode. I like to call this, your sonic footprint. I'm an experienced creator across all platforms and genres with a critical, constructive and friendly personality.

What Do You Get?:

- Consultation about recording set-up, equipment, sound treatment, editing, distribution, and all that back-end work that you might need a second opinion about. I want to empower you to understand and learn as much as you can about the process for the better of your project.

- Team based approach in creative consultation. Consider me part of your think-tank.

- Original unique theme music and ambient loops, SFX and Sound Bites made for your sonic footprint.

- Dialogue, vocal processing and overall balancing to meet the highly competitive standards of todays radio audiences.

Every show has different needs. For this reason, pricing is always done in a case-by-case way in order to make these services accessible and as affordable as possible for each podcast creator.

Message me to learn how we can put together a Podcaster Toolkit pertinent to your situation.

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