for production houses, directors and content creators

Stand out from the noise with intentional engaging sound.

Bring your moving pictures to life and share them to the world with pride. Backward Clock Sound offers unique, creative and engaging sound design and original music based on your needs.

Creating the soundscapes to accompany video and film is a delicate and subtle art. I take a lot of pride in my ability to sculpt audio unique to your universe. This process is always done in close communication with you, the creator. All collaborations become commitments, with no hidden fees for revisions and no personal biases to interrupt your vision.

When it comes to music, there are no needs too ambitious. I love music and everything about it; every style, every mood. The real work comes in putting our heads together to decide what music will benefit the project the best - and sometimes that means no music.

I become a constructive member of your creative team, honouring the needs of the project in a case by case way.

This is all about working together.


How much does it cost? Every project is different. I invite you to introduce your project to me so I can better understand your needs and provide a personalized estimate based on your project. 

Send me a brief message to introduce yourself and your project with as much detail as possible. For this kind of work, I typically like to have a call or video conference to better know the ins and outs of the project and be absolutely sure I am the right choice for your vision.

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